The coins and banknotes of the Arab and Middle Eastern world is a very popular area of numismatics. However, this field has yet to see coverage that would do it justice. Numerous references already exist, but much is still to be explored and many mysteries are still awaiting explanations. This blog is by no means going to fill the void of missing reliable sources, but is rather a medium for sharing various findings and interesting facts.

At this time, I am not quite yet decided in terms of the structure that I will be using, nor the frequency of my posts, but I suppose this will come naturally in due course. For now, I hope you will find at least some of the entries interesting and enjoyable.

3 comments on “About

  1. Peter Bradford says:

    Hello, I am currently doing research on the coins from the Kingdom of Iraq. the main problem i have is the 1943 4 and 10 fil coins which were produced in India. Do you know who the designer/engraver was for these two coins?

    Further, i have proof images of king faisal II if you want.

    Best regards,

  2. arabiancoins says:


    Many thanks for your comment. I would be very interested in reading/seeing your research once it is concluded. While I do not know who the designer/engraver is for these two coins, I know people who have the needed resources to find out. Is this the only question you have? If you have more questions, send me a list and I will see what I can do (no promises other than I will try my best).

    I do have the the Iraqi coins of 1953 (you can see my collection here, and don’t forget to check the gallery tab). Thank you for the offer too. I would be interested in the 1955 proofs if you have them!

    Best wishes,


  3. Mr Akil A Elewa says:

    Hello, I believe I have found an error in an Egyptian coin. This is the 5 piasters coin of 1972 celebrating the UNICEF. The letters on the coin are UNICFE..the F and E are reversed ..
    Please advise..
    Best Wishes

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