Iraqi 5 and 10 Dinars of 1990

These coins are amongst the few examples of unissued coins in the Arab world that were nevertheless widely forged.

The story behind this odd pair is interesting, yet incomplete. The Iraqi government was making an attempt to locally produce coins, after having minted their previous issues abroad (mainly by the British Royal Mint). Around the late 1980s or early in 1990, a decision was made to locally produce two high denomination circulating coins of 5 and 10 Dinars. The coins which were reportedly struck by the Iraqi company that produced military decorations and medals. The designs used are unlike previously issued types, and the overall quality is rather crude, especially when compared to previously issued coins. An unknown but small quantity of these coins made its way to the market. Both denominations are difficult to find, and some convincing forgeries exist. More information on these coins can be found on this page, which is part of my friend Waad’s informative and well-illustrated web site on Iraqi numismatics.

3 comments on “Iraqi 5 and 10 Dinars of 1990

  1. ahmad ghazi says:

    عزيزي مهدي المحترم
    تحية طيبة
    القصة الكاملة لانتاج هذه الفئات مذكورة في كتابي تاريخ النقود العراقية 1931-2010 والذي احب ان اؤكد عليه ان هاتين القطعتين لم تنزل للتداول ابد والذي حصل انها سربت اثناء عملية المونتاج وبيعت للهواة بأسعار عالية وكذلك وبما انها مصنوعة بطريقة ساذجة فقد زيفت على نطاق واسع .. المعلومات المذكورة في كتابي هي عبارة عن مذكراتي في تلك الفترة كوني معاصر للحدث وعلى تماس معه وموثق المعلومات كوني مؤرخ . ومن المعروف ان العملة اي عملة في العالم لانستطيع اطلاق وصف العملة عليها الا بعد نزولها الى التداول الرسمي عن طريق القنوات الرسمية ( البنك المركزي) . اما ما مذكور في تعليقكم فهو ما متداول في سوق الباعة والتي كثيرا ما تكون هذه المعلومات مغلوطة لاغراض تجارية بحته ولرفع سعر البضاعة . واؤكد بالامكان الرجوع الى الكتاب واخذ المعلومات الصحيحة منه خدمة للعلم والحقيقة . وتقبل مني تحياتي الطيبة
    احمد غازي السامرائي
    مؤلف كتاب تاريخ النقود العراقية 1931-2010

  2. arabiancoins says:

    Thank you Mr. Ahmad for your kind comment and additional information. To those of you who do not know Mr. Ahmad Ghazi Al-Samariee, he is a numismatist and historian who recently published a book on Iraqi coins and banknotes, titled “تاريخ النقود العراقية 1931-2010” or “History of Iraqi Money 1931-2010” in English. The book has many illustrations and facts that are are not found elsewhere. It is written in Arabic and consists of 343 pages. (If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this book, let me know and I will connect you with Mr. Al-Samariee). Mr. Ahmad confirms that these coins indeed were never issued and in fact were leaked during production and got offered to collectors at high prices. He further states that their crude nature made these coins an easy target for large-scale forgery operations.

    Lastly, I recommend that all readers who do not read Arabic check Google Translate ( to obtain translations of posts that are made here in Arabic as they can contain very useful facts that should not be missed.

  3. ahmad alsamarre says:

    شكرا اخي مهدي على هذا الاطراء ممنون منك
    احمد السامرائي

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