First Banknotes Printed

Since my primary area of specialty is Jordan, it is only fitting that my first blog post topic relates to that. Many collectors are intrigued by banknotes with special serial numbers: low numbers, repeating fancy numbers, numbers of special significance such as birth dates, and so on. Such banknotes can be exceptionally difficult to find.

I am interested in a particular kind of special numbers, namely the first banknote printed. Not every banknote with a serial number 000001 is a “first printed”; one has to also factor in the prefix seen next to the number itself. With every new issue, prefixes in Jordanian (and several other Arab countries’) banknotes usually start with أأ which translates to AA because أ is the first letter of the Arabic alphabet. The next prefix would be أب, followed by أج (translating to AB and AC, respectively) and so on.

Below are some examples of “first printed” Jordanian banknotes from my collection.

9 comments on “First Banknotes Printed

  1. Mounib says:

    Congratulations on starting the blog. The post is very informative. I am a coin collector, but it is about time I delve into paper money. I know what you wrote is probably basic info to paper collectors, but it was new to me! Thanks for the info, and keep up the good work.

  2. Garry says:

    Good start Mahdi. Knowing you, this will develop into a great blog! Regards, Garry

  3. Abdulla Alshamsi says:

    مرحبا صديقي العزيز مهدي

    مدونة جميلة وبداية إحترافية ممتازة وهامة لهواة العملات الورقية

    الكثير من الهواة المحترفين مهتمين بالإصدارات الاولية للفئة او كما يسمى بيرفكس

    سجلنا من اول المتابعين لهذه المدونة المميزة 🙂

    تحياتي لك

  4. Congratulations Mahdi for your new site which looks great .My intersest in Banknotes only and mot coins but it looks promissing to bamknotes and coind collector. good luck.

  5. georgecuhaj says:

    Firsts are always a good starting point. Best with the blog.

  6. arabella banknotes says:

    A long overdue blog on this specialized area ,looking forward for more participants and more topics covering wider interests of that region …good luck mahdi

  7. arabiancoins says:

    Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support, and I certainly hope to meet everyone’s expectations by posting interesting material as frequently as time permits.

  8. Everything is perfect. From the opening page, to the images, to the text and especially the BLUE BACKGROUND. If the printing starts with 000001, then there should be a 1,000,000 also. Will be nice to have an image also.

  9. Bassam,............exellcoins1 says:

    Dear Mahdi,your new contribution will help banknote collectors to build their hobby on scientific basis and i hope that you’ll gather your blogs in one place like a prochure.I am wondering if you’ll include them in your new book. With my best wishes,

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